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Benefits to Umrah Pilgrims

Gets all the services at very competitive rates.
Can contact Local Travel Agents which are easily accessible.
Can deal with agents with confidence as they know that Buraaq India has done all necessary ground checking before issuing them the Certificates.
Flights from nearest destinations will be arranged by their local agents.
Hajis know that though the local agent is operating the tour the backbone of the tour is Buraaq India with its Experience and Expertise they will try to control each and every situation.
Buraaq India will maintain an In-house team of Muftis and Scholars who will provide guidance and training during the tour and will also conduct lectures in English, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic during all tours.
Buraaq India will maintain highest professional standard of services for its tours.
Umrah Pilgrims can complain about MTA to Buraaq India if MTA has done false promises or cheated them in any way and strict action will be taken against MTA which may also result in his Franchisee or Agency being blacklisted.


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