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Such a organization is needed to provide a platform to Travel Agents who wish to start Umrah Business and do not have the Expertise for the same. Buraaq India will cater to Member Travel Agents (MTA) giving them best prices for Umrah Package. Buraaq India will not only Assist the Agents in Hotels, Visas and Tickets but will also provide them Basic Ground services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All facilities like Laundry, Food, Sim, Ziarats and Refreshments will be provided at very reasonable rates.

Such a Organization is also required to keep a check on Umrah Agents who do false promises and cheat the Umrah Pilgrims . All Buraaq India members will be thoroughly checked and interviewed before giving memberships, If a Haji goes to an Buraaq India member he can be rest assured that his money is safe and journey to Holy city is confirmed.

Buraaq India will also keep an check that Umrah Pilgrims are not charged unfair prices and given false promises. Our Aim is to cater to the Umrah Pilgrims Best Services at Best prices.

Buraaq India will also take proper care of its social responsibilities assisting Imams of Masjids, Moualims, Quran Hafiz and other Muslim Scholars by taking them for Umrah on concessional rates, giving them monthly assistance and helping them in their daughter’s marriages.


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